Al-U-Mn-I of IIT Bombay T-shirt
A few of the t-shirts at Bombay76 have made it to the 'Classics' genre on their own - without me having the intention to do it! One of them is this super geeky and, yet, eye-catchy Al-U-Mn-I t-shirt. This is a mandatory t-shirt for me to have at any of the Alumni events stalls, and I'm not surprised to see an alumnus buying 2-3 of these just in case he overuses one of them!

I can't put a claim on the concept since the Periodic Table elements is a very popular concept for t-shirts (around the world), but I do feel that given the IIT Bombay context, and given the color combinations in the design, all the pieces fall beautifully in place in this t-shirt.

In October 2017, the IITBHF in the United States asked me to send them 100 of these t-shirts (black) for them to distribute the same to the IITB alumni there. Again, I'm just not surprised. This t-shirt has everything a t-shirt should have!
Rs. 651

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