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100% Khadi Kurta with IIT Bombay Logo Embroidered
Ever since Kiran Patil (Taxi, H2, Chem, 2002) started working with the Magan (Mahatma Gandhi) Sangrahalaya in Wardha, Nagpur, I have been hooked on to the super-special khadi products that they make.

First of all, the people there are as simple as people can get. That's one of the perks of working with them - and I have been twice to Wardha (and Sewagram, Mahatma Gandhi's ashram) always wanting to loiter around there uselessly for a couple of more days.

These khadi kurtas, as I have been told, go through the skillful labour-intensive assembly line of 6 familes. So, every kurta here has been touched by 6 different kinds of skilled-labour groups!

The buttons are made of coconut's wood, and the logo of IIT Bombay is embroidered by machine on the front pocket.
Rs. 801

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I may be requiring more kurtas

Hi Subodh Sir. Sure. You can

Hi Subodh Sir. Sure. You can either place an order here, mail me at, or call me at 8080-767224 whenever you need them. Regards, Topi

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