IIT Bombay Since 1958 - Navy Blue Hoodies With Zips
I released this sweatshirt/hoodie on the Alumni Day (28-Dec-2014) especially for all the alumni revisiting the campus after years/decades. It sold out on the spot in less than three hours. Naturally, I had to continue stocking this one all the time.

This one is in navy blue .. I think it looks really good :)
Rs. 1300

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Hoping for more designs

Hey, really like the simplicity of this one's front, would like a logo at the back too. Can you give us a few more hoodie/sweatshirt options, would definitely want one


Is there a replacement option if size is a problem

Nice post

This hoodie is really very nice and good to wear. Please write its price and tell us where i can buy it?. I will come back to your website . grass mats

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