IIT Bombay Logo - Simple White Ceramic Coffee Mug
It's been a while (3 humongous years!) since I displayed a mug for sale at Bombay76. Apart from t-shirts and hoodies, mugs were always the most popular items at the Souvenir Store in the campus, but I had been playing with the idea of displaying them here - afraid of the possibility of them breaking into pieces during the courier.

However, they are back now! I now have a way to send them hassle-free!

This mug bears the logo of IIT Bombay loud and clear, and the background is dotted with faded versions of the logo - together they look adorably decorative. I think more than drinking coffee or tea in this, you'll be placing this mug on your table-top for it to hold pens etc.
Rs. 299

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Hi Melissa, your order for the mug has been received. The same will be dispatched on 08/08/17, and should reach you in the United States by 20/08/2017.

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