The Netmon Didnt Let Me Grow Up T-shirt
This t-shirt doesn't says so, but we have always known it as the 'I Hate Netmon' t-shirt. The one and only time I made this t-shirt was probably in 2012, when it flew away like hot cakes! I am surprised why I never repeated the design, but this time I have been wanting to do this for the past month, and finally we have it in a subtle sea-green base.

I went for abstract, square smileys .. they just look too lazy and, hence, adorable. The expressions of the smileys are awesome, and I felt they complement the basic 'complaining' message of the t-shirt absolutely fine.

I've you've ever encountered netmon and shared a love-hate relationship with it, this t-shirt is calling out for you! Just that .. only the era of IITBians that have seen netmon will be able to relate with this tee ..
Rs. 599

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