Pure Leather 6 - Cardslots Wallet
Some souvenirs just select themselves to be reproduced again and again. Alumni, faculty, and students have regularly shopped for leather wallets, and I still hear from a few of them saying it's been 4 years or 6 years and their wallets are still running strong.

This particular leather wallet (yes, pure leather) comes with 6 slots for cards, plus 1 for an identity card, and two compartments for your cash (demonetization, anyone?)! The IIT Bombay logo is embossed on the leather material, so it's permanent (unlike printing). But for yourself, or gift it - you'll never regret it.

Sometimes, a couple of customers were shocked to hear that a pure leather wallet could cost as little as 400 or 500 rupees, so we would test it for them right there (at the shop)!

It's just that in the retail market place, leather fashion brands mark-up their prices by as much as 1000%, so something which should cost 500/- usually comes for as much as 3000/- bucks!

Rs. 501

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