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While I am preparing good graphics that can help you go for a right size of a t-shirt or sweatshirt, here are a few tips that would help you anyway:

1. If you already know your ACTUAL chest size, great! If your chest size is 40", you DO NOT want to buy a 40" chest size t-shirt or sweatshirt unless you want it to cling it to you.

So, always go for +2 inches in t-shirts and +4 inches in sweatshirts. If you are a 40", go for 42" size t-shirt and a 44" sized sweatshirt. . If your chest size is 34", go for 36" in t-shirts, and 38" in sweatshirts.

2. It happens that you don't know our ACTUAL chest size. However, if you know your FORMAL SHIRT size, it will help. If you wear a FORMAL SHIRT labeled 39 (INDIA), you should choose a t-shirt with chest size 40", and a sweatshirt with chest size 42".

So, always go for +1 inches in t-shirts, and +3 inches in sweatshirts, if you know your formal shirt size (INDIA sizes).

If you know your American shirt size, here's what you do:

American shirt sizes come in this format: N - S/S. Something like .. 16" 34/35. Here, N is the neck size.

If your shirt size (American) has a neck of 13", go for a t-shirt size of 36", and a sweatshirt size of 38". The other mappings are listed below:

Neck - T-shirt - Sweatshirt
13" - 36" - 38"
14" - 40" - 42"
15" - 42" - 42"
16" - 44" - 46"
17" - 48" - 50"
18" - 50" - 52"

I am keeping faith that this helps. Actually, this should help much more than a graphical representation of some sort.