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Sling Side-Bags 100% Made Of Jute
I am a big fan of ethnic Indian stuff, and right from 2010 when I took over the shop-space at the campus, I have been trying to fuse IIT Bombay's feel with ethnicity borrowed from different parts of India.

One of those items is this jute bag - made in jute 'imported' from Kolkata, and stitched and prepared by Shri Suresh Mhaske - who is a one-man-NGO providing such employment opportunities to women in the basti adjacent to IIT's campus!

Available in two colors (natural jute, and olive), these bags are s-m-a-r-t to their core! Just the right size to fit an iPad these slim-looking bags actually have 5 compartments for you to organize your carry-ables effectively.

The bags themselves weigh around 150-200gms, and also come with an adjustable shoulder-strap - again made in jute!
Rs. 501

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