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Hi! Welcome to this little corner of the WWW where you can lay your hands on the much cherished t-shirts, hoodies, and other souvenirs of your beloved IIT Bombay.

I am Sorabh Sodhani (Topi) from the Class of 2001, Hostel 2, and Deptt. of Metallurgy (the chilliest department of IIT Bombay!?). I had been running the physical shop of Bombay76 at Gulmohar Building from 2010 to 2015, and then we (IIT, and me) decided to go online - which is when we closed the physical store and I shifted to my hometown in Gwalior, MP, from where I run this online shoppe.

While designing and producing quality t-shirts constitute my passion, Bombay76 is also a bread-and-butter project for me. So you can be very certain that unless I am meditating in one of those dorky caves in the Himalayas (which I am not), your orders and inquiries will be responded to in super-quick time.

Importantly: +91-8080-767224 is my number, and I don't mind you calling me at 0100hrs too - I'm just too passionate about creating, or even talking about IIT Bombay t-shirts and stuff. Moreover, thanks to the IIT Bombay merchandising, I have had the great fortune to meet and talk to thousands of alumni right from the 1st ever batch of the institution - and that is something that I c-h-e-r-i-s-h!

Of course, you can always drop in a message for me on Whatsapp, and I *WILL* get back to you. Cheers!

'Received the two T-Shirts nicely packaged (loved the wrappings and of course the T-Shirts :-) along with the pens today. Thanks so much. Not just me.....the kids are thrilled and both wore it already for an Indian party over the week end (fits perfectly). For the trouble that you took and the promptness with which you sent me the T-Shirts, I just can't appreciate enough.'
Ramesh Viswanathan
Class of 1979
'Today, I received the t-shirt and key-chain. The packing was really good and I am too excited for wearing it. Also, many thanks for the pen as a complimentary ... It's really appreciated!'
Kavi Mate
Class of 2004
Mechanical Engineering
'Amazing products, extraordinary service.'
Vinay Pandey
Class of 2013
'Just wanted to thank you for making the products available. The "My mom is the real genius" fridge magnet makes my mom smile and cherish the efforts she made into getting me to clear JEE. Thanks for the gift of such small and priceless joys of life.'
Ashish Gupta
Class of 2007
Chemical Engineering
'The leather wallet purchased from you has been well appreciated by my daughter and wife. The quality is excellent and partitions have been well thought out! They were also surprised when I told them the price! They being ardent shoppers, they compared it with normal wares in the market and are very happy!'
Vinay Sudumbrekar
Class of 1976
Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
'Great service! Sorabh helped personally when the designs online were not available in my size and my card wasn't getting accepted. Maybe you could work on getting international cards accepted. I was trying to use my US credit card in India to pay but it didn't work. '
Parul Verma
Class of 2014
Chemical Engineering
'The IIT-Bombay T-shirts are simply kick-ass. You have no idea how much we have yearned for some decent IIT gear. Thank You. Infyyy crackkk!!!!'
' I really like your merchandise and so does everyone at home.'
David D'Lima
Class of 1986
Electrical Engineering
'Just got home from office to a wonderful shipment from Bombay76. High quality. Good fit. Epitome of excellent online shopping experience. '
Chris Arnold
Class of MD of Wells Fargo Analytics, Instructor in Data Vis. at UC Berkeley
Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF)
'Love this web ordering process. Nicely done, very cool!'
Rohan Menezes
Class of 1988
Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science