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The IIT Bombay Skyline t-shirt was the first ever t-shirt I created for the store (in 2009), for my alma-mater, for IIT Bombay - and no matter how much I scan t-shirts and hoodies of colleges and institutions around the world, I (pardon me for sounding like a bragger, but I say this humbly) haven't found a more 'elegant' round neck t-shirt at any of the stores. It's almost an impossible task to bring an 'elegance' to a round neck t-shirt which is made for casual occasions, but the carefully designed skyline element does the trick very, very neatly.

The design covers the landmarks you will come across as you trek your way in the IIT Bombay campus starting from the Vihar Lake, towards the Main Gate. Some of the structures are: The Vihar Mountains (with the Hanuman Mandir's flag), the Hostels, the Open Air Theatre, the Tree of Knowledge (at the Main Building), the Pencil and the Main Building Arch(Industrial Design Centre), the Nestle Coffee Shack, and the Infinity Corridor (where cycles are parked next to the Physics Department)!

There's one more element that, I thought, sneaked into the design, just like it sneaks into the campus - the leopard. When I heard that leopards were once or twice sighted sitting on the MB Arch, I couldn't resist the idea of displaying a leopard perched royally on the MB Arch in the design.

Buy nothing else from the store, but this t-shirt - you should definitely, most-certainly, without-fail ... purchase, possess!
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