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$ 29.99
I won't be lying if I say that the wine colored-polo's are some of my favorite t-shirts. They simply stand out without being too loud. These polo's have the beautifully woven IIT Bombay flag-tag (first bonded by fabric adhesive, and then stitched onto the fabric for a "tailored" look and feel, making it more authentic.

These t-shirts with flag-colors and the text 'IIT Bombay' were made for people who prefer something very, very soft-spoken and yet elegant (because while the IIT Bombay logo is aesthetic and symmetric, it's pretty 'round' and 'loud'). You could wear these t-shirts at your golf round, and not seem showy at all.

Very, very few people - probably those who have been to Inter-IIT Sports Meets - know that IIT Bombay has its own flag, and maroon, navy blue, and dark green are IIT Bombay's flag colors (also the reason why the IIT Bombay contingent used to wear green till 2001, and changed to maroon in 2002).

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